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About us:

The Premium Garden Hose is still a baby so to speak, we started our opreations in September 2018, and the acceptance and receptiveness of consumers and partners was instantaneous and surprising,the growth has been exponentially wonderful and very rewarding and stimulating for our team . The strategy of working focused on seriousness, constant search for technology, reducing costs and at the same time always seeking to improve the quality of products and brands has been our fuel and challenge and at the same time a remarkable differential.

Below are the goals and principles that guide our Mission:

1 - Credibility and trust, our greatest asset.

2 - Best price policy with the best quality and guarantee.

3 - Innovations and innovations are our motivators and guide our work.

4 - Our products must be tested and purchased by our team before they are sold.

5 - Faith that it is possible to prosper by working in a just and honest way, following the commandments of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your trust, the Premium Garden Hose, has been performing a significant exponential growth, based on values ​​of trust, commitment, mission and responsibilities, with defined purposes and principles explained above and all thanks to the opportunity you give us by, trusting in our principles and our responsibility to always offer the best product composition with quality, price and design as well as the opportunity to try the greater challenge of providing excellence in service that all consumers and customers expect to receive.

At Premium Garden Hose You do not will error the target and you will always be sure of the right balance between Price and Quality

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through one of our channels below.

Best regards

Premium Garden Hose Team