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If you have a small business or are still a professional liberal who want to find a high turnover product, which allow a fair profit, with quality, technology and provocative design, the Premium Garden Hose is the company specializing that you need, we produce hoses of high performance.

Our products are designed by American, Italian, Asian and Brazilian technicians and manufactured in China from accredited and chosen suppliers, literally by hand-picked, with international certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CGS, CE, SVHC and other certifications that guarantee the most high standards of quality.

In order to support and protect our partners we work with country-by-country exclusivity and sales channels such as Amazon, Ebay, and other Marktplaces that are still in progress, such as Etsy, Walmart, Jet, Newegg, Sears, Bonanza. ...

For all US operations (Internet sales) our exclusive distributor is Enterprise American Business Intl LLC. If you would like to be our reseller in the US, please contact at contactus@enterpriseamericanbusiness.com and if you prefer you can also copy to reseller@premiumgardenhose.com , so we can follow your registration application. In the USA there are still spaces for distribution in physical stores, consult the states available.

If you have willpower, enthusiasm and faith that it is possible to grow, please seek to know more about us, come, join us, look for our distributors, they are usually very fast and signal quickly on the possibilities and areas available for strong and lasting partnerships.

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Premium Garden Hose Team